This can occur if several people use one TANITA scale with their own account in the My TANITA Healthcare app and all have the set profile 1 in it. This can confuse the TANITA scale. The result of this can be that the measurement results are actually exported to the wrong phone or tablet. You can solve this in three ways:

1: The first way is to always manually disconnect the scale from the phone after a measurement (after the measurement results have been exported). The disadvantage of this is that you have to manually establish the connection between the scale and the phone or tablet every time you want to do a measurement. Read back here on how to establish the connection between your device and the TANITA scale: How can I connect my scale with the My TANITA App?

2: Another solution is, if the individuals are from the same household (this is always our preference), is that all people use one My TANITA Healthcare account. One account can be installed on different devices. Everyone then logs into the app with the same login credentials (email address and password). You can then set the 4 different profiles here. 

3: If you still prefer to have your own login credentials, then it is recommended to set the profiles in all My TANITA Healthcare accounts the same. So for example:

1- Profile 1: Mother

2- Profile 2: Father

3- Profile 3: Child 1

4- Profile 4: Child 2