Connect with iPad or tablet via internal Bluetooth transmitter:

The internal Bluetooth transmitter of the MC-580(M) sends output to iOS (iPad) or Android tablet. This allows the MC-580(M) to used with the TANITA Pro app for iOS or Android.

The internal Bluetooth transmitter is not able to send output to PC / laptop.

Find more information here for instructions to connect your MC-580(M) to the TANITA Pro app.

Connect with laptop or PC via FTDI RS-232 cable:

With a RS-232 <> USB cable, the MC-580(M) can be connected to the computer / laptop.

The cable needs to be a RS-232 <> USB cable with FTDI chip. With any other kind of chip (like PL2303), the connection will not work.

TANITA PRO software allows the laptop or PC to receive the measurement data from the MC-580(M).

Connect with OP-203 thermal printer:

When connected to the OP-203 thermal printer, the measurement results will be printed on thermal paper receipts immediately after the measurement.