The error 'uuuuu' is accompanied by a beeping sound and means that the device is overloaded and cannot find its zero point.

Before the weight measurement starts, the device does an internal calibration and goes to its zero point, in order to take an accurate (weight) measurement.

If the device reads 'uuuuu', check the following:

- Make sure that the weight capacity of the device is not exceeded. Check the manual of your device for the weight capacity.

- Make sure nothing is placed on the weight measuring platform before 0.00 kg is indicated.

- Step up only after 0.00 kg is indicated. If the device is stepped on before the internal calibration is complete, it will recognize this as overloading.

- Make sure the device is level on a solid and flat floor. Use the retractable feet to level the device, for MA models check with the spirit level bubble to make sure the device is level.

- Make sure all cables are securely attached, as a disconnected cable may cause faults.