If your BC-601 scale shows "Err," there could be several things going on.

First, the advice is to replace the scale batteries with new batteries. This will cause the scale to reset. Make sure you do not use rechargeable batteries, but alkaline batteries (not Duracell). Replace the batteries all at the same time with the new batteries. 

If you still get "Err" after this, it could be that the SD card is full or defective. You can check this by removing the SD card from the scale and taking a measurement in 'guest' mode (see instruction manual how to start a measurement in 'guest' mode). If this then works without any problems, then the fault lies within the SD card. You can then buy a new SD card yourself (this defect is not covered by the warranty). This may be any brand. It is only important that the SD card is smaller than 16GB otherwise the scale will give this error code again. We do not sell these SD cards separately. 

Should this also not work, please send us an email to info@tanita.eu with the following information:

The LOT number of the device. It's on a sticker on the bottom of the scale.

- The proof of purchase so we can check if the warranty is still valid and who is responsible for the warranty.

- Is the device used professionally or privately?

- Where is the device stored, in what room?

- A picture of the top and of the bottom of the device.