The MC-780MA can print directly from a printer with PictBridge technology, and if the printer has a PictBridge USB port.

Please click here to find the FAQ article with the list of compatible printers.

The mini-USB <> USB cable supplied with the MC-780MA can be used to connect the MC-780MA to the PictBridge port. (It will not work with wireless PictBridge technology).

To print directly with the MC-780MA, some settings need to be adjusted in the MC-780MA.
When the MC-780MA is connected to a printer without PictBridge technology, or when the settings are not changed, the MC-780MA will show 'Error 20 Print'.

Follow the steps below so that everything will work smoothly:

- Turn on the MC-780 and let it start.
- When it is fully started, press the SETTING button
- Go to setting 30 by entering the number "30" and confirm with "ENTER".
- Enter the number "0" and confirm with "ENTER".
- Now the MC-780 can send output to the printer.
To adjust the amount of prints, or any other printer related settings, check the settings table in the instruction manual.

Connect the MC-780 to the printer with the USB / mini-USB cable, like below: