Here you can find a video in English; setting the profile.

Hier vind je een video in het Nederlands; je profiel instellen.

Hier finden Sie ein Video auf Deutsch; einstellen Ihres Profils.

Vous trouverez ici une vidéo en français; création de votre profil.

Aquí puede encontrar un vídeo en español; configuración del perfil.

1. Press the ON/OFF key while the Hand-electrodes is mounted on the platform scale

“0.0” will be shown.

2. Start Setting

Press the SET button.

The unit will beep to confirm activation, the Personal data number will be displayed, and the display will flash.

Note: If you don’t operate the unit for 60 seconds after the unit has been turned on, the unit will turn off automatically.

Note: If you make a mistake or want to turn the unit off before you have finished programming it, press the ON/OFF key to force quit.

3. Select the Personal data Number of the profile you want to change.

Press the Up or Down button to select a Personal data number (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5). Once you reach the

Personal data number you wish to use, press the SET button. The unit will beep once to confirm.

4. Set your Birthday

Set the date of your birthday (Year / Month / Day) using the Up or Down button. Press the SET button to confirm at each programming. The unit will beep once to confirm.

Note: The range of age is from 5 – 99.

5. Select Female or Male

Use the Up or Down button to scroll through Female, Male, Female/Athlete and Male/Athlete settings, then press the SET button. The unit will beep once to confirm.

Click here to read when to use Athlete Mode.

6. Specify the Height

The display defaults to 170 cm (5’ 7.0”). Use the Up or Down button to specify Height and then press the SET button. The unit will beep once to confirm.

Note: If you change the birthday and/or gender of an existing profile, the unit will show “CLr”.

If you select “YES” using the Up or Down button, the existing personal data will be deleted.

If you select “no” using the Up or Down button, no new data will be saved (existing data will be unchanged) then the unit will shut off.

The display shows all personal data one time to confirm, and then the display shows “0.0” and is

ready for measurement. You need to take a measurement now to save the profile and any changes. Take measurement with bare feet and hands.

7. Measuring your weight and body fat

Hold the Hand-electrodes and step on to the scale after “0.0” is shown on display within 30 seconds.

Do not step off until the unit beeps five times.

The readings will be shown for 40 seconds.

The unit will then shut off and the readings will be stored in the memory.

Note: If you step onto the scale before “0.0” appears in the display, then “Error” message will be displayed, and you have to step off and on again. If you do not step onto the scale within about 30 seconds after “0.0” being displayed, the scale will be shut off automatically. Please try the setting and storing personal data process again.