1. Set Date

Insert batteries into the scale and then press any button to start the Year setting.

Press the <Up/Down> buttons to set year and then press SET button. The unit will beep once to confirm.

2. Set Hour

Press <Up/Down> buttons to set hour and then press SET button.

The unit will beep once to confirm.

3. Set Minute

Press <Up/Down> buttons to set minute and then press SET.

The unit will beep twice to confirm the programming.

The power will then shut down automatically.


• After you replace the batteries or if you want to reset date and time, press and hold the Arrow (recall) button to begin the date and time programming process. Replacing the batteries will cause the loss of date and time settings.

• 60 seconds or more of inactivity will cause automatic shut off during this process. No data will be saved as a result.

• If you make a mistake or wish to turn the unit off before you complete the programming, press the OFF button to turn the unit off. No data will be saved as a result.