PC Mode is a setting that helps prevent patients / customers to change the settings of the device. When the MC-780MA is on PC mode, it can only be operated by giving it commands via the software, none of the buttons on the device itself can be pressed.

This is how to switch PC Mode On or OFF:

- First switch MC-780MA OFF

- Press the On/Off button + the CE button at the exact same time to switch the device on

- When it is fully started, it says 'PC mode 0 = off, 1 = on' (if it does not, repeat the first two steps until it shows this)

- To switch PC mode OFF press '0' and confirm with 'Enter' - you can now operate the device with the buttons

- To siwtch PC mode ON press '1' and confirm with 'Enter' - you can now only operate the device via the software

You can change this settings as often as you want.