Most likely the reason for this error is that the sector-size of the computer is set differently. This prevents the installation of SQL-Server in all current versions (SQL2014 – SQL 2022).
Below is a step-by-step guide for how this can be fixed, there are several steps involved.

In a CMD-Prompt (Press the Windows key – type in cmd – choose 'run as administrator').
Copy/paste into the black screen the text:   fsutil fsinfo sectorinfo c:   and press 'enter'

Check the values. Neither (PhysicalBytesPerSectorForAtomicity) nor (PhysicalBytesPerSectorForPerformance) should be larger than 4096b/4kb.
If one of these values is larger than 4096b, this needs to be fixed.
Before fixing this, first you have to uninstall all SQL-Server-related software and the TANITA Pro software via the Control Panel. Please take a look at the installation date to identify all software that needs to be uninstalled. All of them need to be uninstalled, otherwise the issue will not be fixed.

Please restart the computer after uninstalling the TANITA Pro software and all SQL-Server-related software.

After restarting, in a CMD-Prompt (Windows-key – type in cmd – choose 'run as administrator').
Copy/paste the text:   REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\stornvme\Parameters\Device" /v "ForcedPhysicalSectorSizeInBytes" /t   REG_MULTI_SZ /d "* 4095" /f   and press 'enter'.

After changing the registry like this, please restart the computer again.

Download the software again, via this link (do not use the old downloaded file):

Run the whole installation again from the start.


If it does not work, please contact us.