If you want to disable heart rate measurement on the RD-545HR, you can do so by deleting your user profile in the scale, also when you have not manually created a user profile in the scale and have always used the MyTANITA app to connect.

After you delete your profile in the scale, when you take another measurement via the MyTANITA app, the scale will ask you again if you want to take heart rate measurement, after which you can select ‘no’ and confirm.

The data recorded in your profile in the MyTANITA app will be retained when you delete your profile from the scale.

Here is how to delete your profile from the scale:

1. Press the power button to turn on the device, without removing the control panel from the device.

2. After 0.00 is displayed, press the O button.

3. Select the ID number you want to delete using the up and down buttons.

4. Press and hold the O button for more than 3 seconds. ‘Clear’ is displayed.

5. Select ‘Yes’ using the up and down buttons.

6. Press the O button to confirm.

The personal data to be deleted is displayed and then deleted.

Now switch off the scale.

After this, open the MyTANITA app and go to the ‘my measurements’ tab and start a new measurement, step up and take a measurement when the scale/app indicates.

At the end, the device asks if you want to measure your heart rate, select ‘no’ with the arrow keys and confirm with the O button. Now heart rate measurement is disabled and this scale remembers this setting.