TANITA Body Fat Monitor/Scales use BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) technology. This method of body fat analysis is very accurate and easy to use; however, changes in hydration levels can affect readings. If your body is dehydrated, you will likely experience a higher fat percentage than normal. If you are over-hydrated, you could experience a slightly lower fat percentage.

The electrodes send the same safe and low frequency current through the body every time. When the same settings are used, the validated equations used to calculate the results are the same every time. When the results changed from measurement to measurement, it means the values in the body have changed.

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How does TANITA measure body composition?

Our body weight can change up to 2.5 kg in the course of a day. This is caused by, for example, eating and drinking, exercise, hormone fluctuations, the outside temperature and our toilet habits. When you measure daily, or even several times a day, this can lead to confusion because the differences seem so big. Even when you immediately repeat a measurement, you can see a change. That is normal. Changes of 1 to 2% are due to the nature of the BIA technology, but the end result is still an accurate representation of your body composition.

To get the most accurate results from your TANITA, please follow the instruction on how to measure via link below:

How to get the best results from my TANITA?